Rule-Based Expert Systems

An expert system is an artificial intelligence application that uses a knowledge base of human expertise to aid in solving problems. The degree of problem solving is based on the quality of the data and rules obtained from the human expert. The expert system derives its answers by running the knowledge base through an inference engine, a software program that interacts with the user and processes the results from the rules and data in the knowledge base.  Expert systems are used in applications such as medical diagnosis, equipment troubleshooting and repair, technical support, investment and financial planning, human resources management and hiring, contract bidding, production planning and control, and training among others.

B-wise© is a rule-based expert system designed and developed by Dr. Madjid Tavana to model and automate forward-chaining decision-making processes. The business logic in B-wise© is represented with decision trees as a sequence of graphical objects and links. The underlying logic-based inference engine in B-wise© help ensure a high degree of compliance and accuracy. The decision trees in B-wise© can be immediately tested and executed within the development environment. The generated code can then be inspected to verify that the specified logic is correct. Final delivery is made using the built-in user interface supplied by the compiler systems.

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